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What Are You Supposed to Be?

What are you supposed to be book cover

The characters in this book by NZ based author/illustrator Paul Beavis have a lot to say – and it’s not what you’d expect.

Picture a fairytale wolf who defies all stereotypes. Not only is he a polite and well spoken cravat-wearing wolf, but he loves salad with feta, and playing the violin. Along comes one determined young girl who is far from impressed by his un-wolflike behavior, and isn’t afraid to tell him so. In fact, she’s determined to change him into a ‘proper wolf’.

I won’t give away the ending but you might guess who has a lot to learn about accepting others just the way they are.


What Are You Supposed to Be?
Author/Illustrator: Paul Beavis
Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand
First published: 2017
Country: NZ

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