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The Sloth Who Came to Stay

The Sloth who came to Stay book cover

It’s been a while between posts because it’s school holidays, and I’ve been doing exactly what this book by celebrated Australian author Margaret Wild, and animated feature film artist Vivienne To, is all about … slowing down.

If like me you find yourself racing about the day, and the words ‘hurry up!’ and ‘we’re going to be late!’ are all too familiar in your family, perhaps you need a visit from this adorably s-l-o-w sloth too. Even the text encourages you to slow down as you read it, which is perfect, because there are so many wonderful details to discover on each page. I particularly love the evolution of the families book collection.

This big-hearted story about ‘the speediest family in the world’ who learns to slow down, reminds us what we miss when we rush through the day – the joy in the everyday, freedom in play, and time with the people we love. Kids know this stuff. Sometimes us grown ups just need a gentle reminder.


The Sloth Who Came to Stay
Author: Margaret Wild
Illustrator: Vivienne To
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
First published: 2017
Country: Australia

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