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All the Ways to be Smart

All the Ways to be Smart book cover

Exceptionally talented duo Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys of ‘Under the Love Umbrella’ fame, have given us another beautiful big-hearted book! This one celebrates all the ways you can be smart. And we’re not just talking about getting top marks in a maths exam, but the diverse ways we can be creative and clever. Ukelele anyone?

“Crazy dances!
Horsey prances!
Feeling scared but taking chances.
Jumping off so you can fly!
Smart at asking
How? What? Why?’

You can’t miss this book on the shelf with the familiar bursts of neon and vintage aesthetics we loved in their previous picture book. And again, Allison has made thoughtful and stereotype-busting choices in her illustrations. Kids of the world thank you!

A great book to read to children (and adults) who think smart can be measured in school grades. My daughter came up with lots of other suggestions of ways to be smart after we read this together. Yes!!!


All the Ways to be Smart
Author: Davina Bell
Illustrator: Allison Colpoys
Publisher: Scribble Kids Books
First published: 2018
Country: Australia

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