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The Book of Mistakes

The Book of Mistakes cover

‘A little spill could be a small mistake … or the start of a big idea’

reads the introduction on the inside cover of this beautiful book by debut picture book author and illustrator Corinna Luyken.

Prepare to be taken on a wonderful and unexpected journey through the creative process in the pages of this book. As with life, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes when you accidentally draw one eye bigger than the other you end up drawing a pair of glasses. This book reminded me of one of my earliest art teachers. She discouraged us from using erasers as we drew because it hindered creativity. Trying to make your drawing perfect created limits and frustrations, while seeing where that accidental squiggle on the page could take you created possibilities. I’ve also created many a ‘frog-cat-cow thing’ in this way.

I love how Corinna plays with colour, smudges, scale and perspective in her illustrations. The limited use of text works beautifully. It leaves space for reflecting on how we see our own mistakes and setbacks. And oh those balloons!

In a world of pixel-perfect, this is a much needed big-hearted book for dreamers, perfectionists, artists, makers and anyone who has ever made a mistake – well surely that’s everyone!


The Book of Mistakes
Author/Illustrator: Corinna Luyken
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
First published: 2017
Country: US

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