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Jill and Jack

Water well on a hill

Writing fractured fairy tales can be a lot of fun. This is an extract from a picture book story I wrote from the perspective of Jill, from the classic nursery rhyme.

“Why hello there, my name is Jill and I was at the well,
I want to set the story straight and tell you why Jack fell.
It’s no surprise few people know the reason for our tumble.
The rhyming words got muddled in a story-telling mumble!

Do you know what really made us stumble, trip and fall?
Was the wind to blame that day? The hill too steep and tall?
Rumours spread like jam on toast, but not the kind you’d eat.
Most people thought that Jack was ill and fainted in the heat!

Don’t worry it will all make sense, the tumble and the crown,
It all began the week a circus rumbled into town …”

– Extract from ‘Jill and Jack’ by Alison Davies

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes were written a long time ago and were a product of their time. It’s no surprise that stories twisting and reimagining these well-known tales, and challenging fairy tale conventions, are so popular today. I mean, have you ever wondered why Jack and Jill fell down the hill?

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