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Here we are

Here We Are book cover

This wonderful new picture book by Oliver Jeffers is on my Christmas wishlist!

Written for Oliver’s newborn son during his first two months here on Earth, we are introduced to the wonders and diversity of life on our planet, with the warm language, quirky illustrations and subtle humour Oliver is renowned for. If you’ve ever wondered how you’d describe our planet and it’s people, to someone who has never seen it, you could start here. Woven through the story is the heartfelt message to ask questions, be kind to each other, and to care for this fascinating planet we call home.

“It looks big, Earth.
But there are lots of us on here
(7, 327, 450, 667 and counting)
so be kind.
There is enough for everyone.”

Gorgeous work from a phenomenal artist and storyteller. Thank you Oliver Jeffers!


Here we are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth
Author/Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
First published: 2017
Country: GB

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