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What do you do with an idea?

What do you do with an idea book cover

People collect all sorts of souvenirs when they travel. I collect picture books (yes not the best plan for traveling light!) I love browsing the shelves of bookshops, museums and galleries in other towns and cities. I bought this book in the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, not for my kids but for me.

Written by Kobi Yomada with illustrations by Mae Besom this book has great life advice for anyone of any age who has ever had an idea that tugs away at their sleeve. The ‘idea’ is personified by an adorable crown wearing egg who follows the young child as he learns what to do with his idea.

“I liked being with my idea. It made me feel more alive, like I could do anything. It encouraged me to think big… and then, to think bigger.”

I love the way the illustrations grow to vibrant full colour by the end of the story as the young child learns that ideas can change the world. Just beautiful!


What do you do with an idea?
Author: Kobi Yamada
Illustrator: Mae Besom
Publisher: Compendium Inc.
First published: 2014
Country: US

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