In Writing + illustration

My neighborhood peacock

This is an illustration I drew of the peacock that lives in our neighbourhood. And no, peacocks are not native to Australia!

He is a very curious bird and likes to parade up and down our street. He loves exploring our backyard and has been known to come right up to the door. I think he’d step right in if I opened it.

Just look at his cheeky expression in the photo I’ve included in the gallery above. It was snapped by a visiting friend who’d heard a lot about our neighbourhood peacock, but was still shocked and delighted to meet him in person/bird. He can be a HUGE distraction while you’re trying to work because he’s just so beautiful and interesting to watch.

There’s no doubt about it. He’s a big bird with an even bigger character. I will definitely have to write a picture book about him one day. Perhaps that’s what he’s trying to tell me each time he visits!

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